Pankaj Rohilla

I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas Tech University. Currently I am working with Dr. Jeremy Marston on needle-free drug delivery techniques.

My thesis work is based on understanding the hydrodynamics of needle-free jet injections. Our aim is to develop a painless needle-free jet injector with efficient drug delivery within skin, bringing the world of science fiction from the Star wars to the real world to simplify the delivery of therapeutic drugs. This work is currently sponsored by the NSF Career Grant and was also funded by the Inovio Pharmaceuticals.

My research interests lies at the interface of transport phenomenon and drug delivery. I am also interested in organismal physics. For published work, see my publications or visit my google scholar profile.


Mar 14, 2022 I will be presenting our work on Spark-induced jets at APS March Meeting, Chicago!
Dec 4, 2021 Our work on visualization of tattooing is accepted in J.Vis and will be available online soon!
Nov 23, 2021 Presented our work on Early-time dynamics of fluid-driven cracking at APS DFD, Phoenix.