Hands on Foldscope – before the year ends !

It has been a long semester of mandatory coursework and some research sideways and it has come to an end. New year ON. research time. As I am starting to work on different projects, biophysics is my new interest.

Talking about the foldscope, I received some months ago. I wanted to get hands on this origami paper microscope. Yesterday on the last day of the year, I saw that leaves of plant (peace lily) in my apartment are turning yellow and drying on the edges.

I assembled the foldscope and clicked some images to see the interior patterns of the leaf. So here it is. As the leaf dries, the porous structure turns into this structure with dry medium, which seems like dots are holding up to a matrix what is left of the green body. On the other side, the green part of the leaf is intact and there are some drops or patterns on the surface. But the green part (with yellow transition) is an intact porous structure. I absolutely loved it.

After the leaves, I was curious to try some solution or something. I used a drop of milk on the slide. Although the slide was not cleaned, I could see the pinning line of the droplet. I wanted to put scale on the images, but I am not in the lab right now. Maybe for future posts, I will try to use a scalebar.

There were some prepared slides which comes with the foldscope. Here is one of the pictures I clicked of “A00 Fern Rhizome”. 

And as the last deal of the year, I took some soil out of the pot and I saw these large clusters of soil. No life or any organism though, but I loved imaging them.

That’s all for 2018 from the foldscope, I will be posting much more in 2019. I will be visiting different water bodies soon. Happy new year !

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